Welcome to CodeHinting.com

CodeHinting.com is the blog of designer and app developer Matt Braun, owner and creative director of Magnate Interactive, a Toledo, Ohio based mobile app development company, making apps like SketchParty TV and MASH.

If you've come looking for information on topics like iPhone development and Objective-C, Haxe and NME, ExpressionEngine and PHP, JavaScript and CSS, you've come to the right place. I plan to cover other topics like process and workflow improvement, as well as book reviews.

After years of finding, reading, and absorbing information online, I thought I might be able to lend some of what I've learned back to the larger community of the web. In some small way, maybe I'm helping. My goal is to provide informative content, so let me know how I can improve by sending me an e-mail or leaving comments.