Google Learns to Crawl Flash Content

Categories: General SEO

Google has posted on its official blog about their release of Flash crawling and indexing technology. Read more at

They also have a post with some answers to common questions available at

One possible caveat is that Googlebot does not execute some types of JavaScript. This could mean that Flash invoked by something like SWFObject will not be indexed.

The development could be a boon to Flash developers who haven’t been using additional search engine optimization techniques, but it could also mean that a lot of content is indexed out of context. Since the path to get to content in some Flash websites will not necessarily be available, a visitor will find themselves having to do additional wayfinding to locate the information they were looking for.

Adobe has their own FAQ on the subject here:
Currently Google is using the technology, and the expectation is that Yahoo! Search will also leverage the capability in the future.