Photosynth to the extreme

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For those not familiar with Microsoft Photosynth, and even for those who are, the following video might knock your socks off.

pptPlex PowerPoint plugin

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From their FAQ:
pptPlex is a research prototype developed by Microsoft Office Labs as an exploration of an alternative method of presenting Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 slides. This plug-in allows you to arrange slides on a canvas then zoom between the slides during the presentation. You can move around the canvas and show groups of slides, individual slides, or even zoom in to show a particular section of a slide.

pptPlex is based on the Plex technology demoed by Bill Gates in the TouchWall at the Microsoft CEO Summit 2008 (also developed by Microsoft Office Labs).

Videos available here:

Frickinsweet Visual Studio Theme Generator

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Ryan Lanciaux, a .NET developer and friend of mine, has created a JavaScript-based Visual Studio theme generator. Use it to create great looking color schemes for viewing and editing code in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.

NW Ohio .NET User Group Talk: Building Web Applications with the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework

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Ryan Lanciaux, a friend of mine and .NET developer, will be giving a talk for the NW Ohio .NET User Group on building web applications using the ASP.NET MVC framework, Tuesday, August 19th. Find out more at,guid,7d6f35d0-0156-4d5e-9ec5-885db293b610.aspx

Also, check out Ryan’s site where he writes (mostly) about .NET topics at