Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters help NVIDIA explain GPU parallel processing

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Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters paint the Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds. Check out this video taken during NVIDIA’s NVISION show.

The Mind of a Web Developer

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Hilarious and astoundingly accurate map of the brain of a web developer.

Love the “deprecated brainmeats” callout.

Aurora (Part 1) - Web Browser of the Future?

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Adaptive Path (including Jesse James Garret, who coined the now-ubiquitous term “AJAX”) and Mozilla have been putting together Aurora, their vision of what the landscape of web browsing in the future could look like.

I think the radial menus look like an interesting concept - although their behavior probably needs to be fleshed out better to be to be used rapidly by most users. It’s probably more of an advanced user feature - the 3D modeling and animation software Maya has had radial menus for years, which makes sense for that demographic, but hasn’t really caught on in other areas.

The woman in the demo video is able to change her focus quickly using a three-dimensional “spatial” view of open “web pages”. Along with that, one feature that looks incredibly useful is the highlighted contextual grouping of pages and other elements in this 3D view.

See the video for part 1 below.

Aurora (Part 1) from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

NetShare for iPhone

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One annoyance for me when it came to the iPhone 3G was its inability to be tethered with a laptop to provide an internet connection when out of range of WiFi. Nullriver’s NetShare is the game changer in that department.

iTunes App Store link: NetShare

Read about it on Daring Fireball:

Mmmm -

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Delicious (a Yahoo! property, formerly, is a handy way to collect and share links online. For awhile now they’ve been working quietly on a redesign, which finally launched today. And it’s beautiful, with more social Digg-like features and a terrific looking UI. Really digging that flexible, rotating JavaScript banner on the homescreen, too.


Read the development team’s blog entry for the launch:
Synopsis of new features:

Check out the new Delicious at

Spreeder Bookmarklet

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While I’m still skeptical about the comprehension and retention of text read using Spreeder (, a JavaScript-based speed-reading tool, they do provide a handy bookmarklet and Opera plugin that makes using the service more efficient. For the bookmarklet, simply drag this

Thanks to Ryan Lanciaux for this tip.


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An effort to recognize (and filter out) stupidity in blog comments via weighted Bayesian analysis. Useful for filtering out excessive “LOLs” and too many text-message style abbreviations, I think this is a brilliant idea.

Also, love this from their FAQ (emphasis in italics mine):

Q: Do you really expect to be able to detect and filter anything that’s conceivably stupid?
A: No, of course not. You’d need real AI for that, and beyond a certain point it’s simply subjective; after all, a sufficiently advanced AI would probably filter out the whole of human discourse, which isn’t the idea.

Cuil - Yet Another New Google Killing Search Engine

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A new search engine started by former Google employees called Cuil (and pronounced “cool”) launched today. It is said to search 121 billion pages, ranked by “content and relevance”. Cuil seems to run very fast, and they seem to have better designers than Google did when they first started.

My opinion: they must be still working on indexing all those pages, because right now, Cuil sucks.

NW Ohio .NET User Group Talk: Building Web Applications with the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework

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Ryan Lanciaux, a friend of mine and .NET developer, will be giving a talk for the NW Ohio .NET User Group on building web applications using the ASP.NET MVC framework, Tuesday, August 19th. Find out more at,guid,7d6f35d0-0156-4d5e-9ec5-885db293b610.aspx

Also, check out Ryan’s site where he writes (mostly) about .NET topics at

Two Twitter Clients I Use

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For a long time I resisted using Twitter, because I was more interested in getting, along with this blog, up and running. But after seeing some practical benefits to using Twitter, I’m starting to get my feet wet.

When I’m on my Mac, I use Fluid to run a SSB (site specific browser) for Hahlo - and I’ve made it into a nice menubar item that just sits up out of my way, there when I want it. It even has Growl notifications (currently disabled for me - I’ve got work to do!) to let me know when someone I’m following makes a new tweet.

On my Windows machine, I’ve just started using TweetDeck - it’s a full-featured yet minimalist front-end to Twitter that runs on the Adobe AIR platform. That means it’s cross-platform. Thanks to Iain Dodsworth for putting this one together, it’s very well done.

I’m aware that there is a vast array of Twitter clients out in the wild, like the TwitterFox plugin for Firefox. I’d be interested to know what you’re using, so feel free to let me know in the comments.