Silverback - Unobtrusive usability testing software for website designers

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I found this usability-testing screen capture application really interesting when I first read about it in February on Vitamin:
The article wasn’t about the software itself, but about the cool parallax background effect on the website. Which it is certainly still cool and all, but the Silverback software is definitely more useful.

In a simpler time, when software was much less complex, software makers would do usability testing. They would record real live people actually using their applications and record their actions, and then use the information they gathered to improve the quality of their product. Or file it away and forget about it…

But with the ultra-fast get-it-done-now speed-driven nature of web-based software development, usability testing has gone by the wayside. And Silverback aims to solve that.

Take a look at the video:

Silverback screencast from Jeremy Keith on Vimeo.


Does your company do usability testing? Let me know in the comments.