How did I get started in software development?

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Ryan Lanciaux recently tagged me to write up how I got started in software development (a meme originally started by Michael Eaton).

How old were you when you first started programming?

I first started "programming" when I was 11. In quotes because I really don't consider now what I did then programming. It was mostly just hacking and fumbling.

How did you get started in programming?

I've been using computers and playing computer games since I was very young, probably about 4 or 5 years old, back in the personal computing heyday of the 1980s. That segued to an interest in actually creating my own games and programs.

What was your first language?

BASIC, and later C++

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Bookmarklet for making browser HTML content editable

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This is possibly a useless trick, but if you come up with any uses, let me know. I’m thinking maybe it could be used for checking how well content re-flows on the fly, without having to modify and upload a page. There are probably less scrupulous uses as well, but I won’t go into those.

Drag the following link to your bookmarks bar. Known to work in IE7, Firefox, and Safari.

Make HTML Editable

Flex 4 to improve designer/developer workflow

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Adobe Developer Connection has posted a video demonstrating some impressive upcoming skinning features in Flex 4 that should greatly improve designer/developer collaboration and workflow on projects. One thing I’m left wondering though is how Thermo is going to play into this system.

Keep reading to see a video.

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Rolando: New game for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Via Andy Baio.

Fun, colorful new game coming out summer 2008 for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Deeply reminiscent of Loco Roco for the PSP.

Keep reading to see a video.

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XFL, the New File Format for Flash CS4

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This article was originally posted on Magnate Interactive.

Adobe has joined the movement toward file format transparency. Of interest to Flash developers is the upcoming XFL file format to be used in Flash CS4, which is a .zip formatted document containing an XML file describing the structure of the Flash document along with a folder containing graphics, sounds, and other assets.

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Zoomii Books, the Visual Online Bookstore

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Zoomii is “an online visual bookstore which replicates the browsing goodness of real bookstores” (quote from developer Chris Thiessen).

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Unofficial Flash Lite Application Running on the iPhone

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Via Peter Elst.
Uses the b.Tween framework and EyeGT technology to run a ported version of a Boulevart Flash Lite app on the iPhone.

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Google Learns to Crawl Flash Content

Categories: General SEO

Google has posted info on its official blog about their release of Flash crawling and indexing technology.

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Using Flex Builder 3 with Subversion on Assembla

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Source control. We all know we should be using it. The peace of mind benefit alone is enough to aid in speeding development – a programmer who isn’t concerned with self-versioning his files is a more productive one. Then there are the other benefits, like code comparison and streamlining workflow for a team-built project.

Setting up Trac and Subversion can be somewhat painful the first time around, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy hosted system (with a whole mess of other features, too), I suggest taking a look at

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