Two Twitter Clients I Use

Categories: Adobe AIR General

For a long time I resisted using Twitter, because I was more interested in getting, along with this blog, up and running. But after seeing some practical benefits to using Twitter, I’m starting to get my feet wet.

When I’m on my Mac, I use Fluid to run a SSB (site specific browser) for Hahlo - and I’ve made it into a nice menubar item that just sits up out of my way, there when I want it. It even has Growl notifications (currently disabled for me - I’ve got work to do!) to let me know when someone I’m following makes a new tweet.

On my Windows machine, I’ve just started using TweetDeck - it’s a full-featured yet minimalist front-end to Twitter that runs on the Adobe AIR platform. That means it’s cross-platform. Thanks to Iain Dodsworth for putting this one together, it’s very well done.

I’m aware that there is a vast array of Twitter clients out in the wild, like the TwitterFox plugin for Firefox. I’d be interested to know what you’re using, so feel free to let me know in the comments.